Walking is good exercise.


We are test animals.


This is the latest acquisition to my library.

They are in for trouble.

Those who buy this comic book in our store are mostly junior high school students.

Emily shouldn't have stolen Kimmo's money.

It's weeks since I've seen Pierre.

Russ can take care of herself. I am not the slightest bit worried about her.

Krzysztof was having trouble trying to find his best pair of cuff links.


Who would want to kill him?

I spent a week in Berlin living with a German family.

Why is it upside down?

Vassos rides his bicycle to school.

It means trying hard, even if we make mistakes.


I'm not afraid to fight.

You need to stay away from Travis.

I'm not Linley's slave.


Don't say such things that hurt others' feelings.


He is a man of male courage.

I'll enjoy this.

I didn't know you still had friends at the IRS.

Spass's only been a widower for six months.

We can move it by ourselves.

This blouse is cotton.

Oh, we're too late.


Has Matthew been there?

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Dan saw something suspicious on the morning Linda died.


She will fail eventually.

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Tigger has gotten his clothes dirty.

Valentin was late for class.

That meeting lasted a long time.

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Christ was crucified by the Romans.


I can teach you how to repair your car.

I told him what I saw.

Jianyun sings at church.

Was someone helping you?

Please lend me this book for a few days.


Are you sure Bryce is happy?

We already know that.

This dictionary is well adapted for beginners.


But Sridharan had one final trick up his sleeve.

He has a rich imagination.

How do you intend to do that?


How badly was Claude hurt?

Sassan is fighting mad.

Ms. Asada was appointed chairperson.

I want to see a doctor about my stomachache.

You can make 4, 6 or 12 payments.


He has consistently been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is splitting with his wife Lyudmila after 30 years of marriage.

In a dirty bag treasure often lies.

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Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a little girl.

I have run short of money.

Pedro bought a Roomba.

Goose down retains the heat.

The world has five oceans.

It amazed us that she had been to Brazil alone.

I'm Tifyur. I'm not Tafsut.

The runners were jumping in place.

I'm waiting for someone.

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Steve's phone rang.

Pray forgive me!

You look worried.


You're going to explain it to us, aren't you?

You are not actually an idiot.

I've been busy.

Which do you like better, apples or bananas?

Jeannie looked over the documents carefully.

This thing isn't real.

I like bread more than rice.

Beth never laughs at any of Debbie's jokes.

Things went terribly wrong.

Can you help us or not?

This operation is simple.

Nelken doesn't have seniority.

He usually doesn't brag.

I have not seen him since then.

I'm chubby.

I had a rough night.

I didn't try to kill Ninja.

Whose book is that?

Can your mom drive a car?

The waterfront is a beautiful area.

A bunch of people thrust their way toward the rear exit.


I came into the room to find him watching TV.


We live in a very complicated world.

You're really good at that.

Affirmative, sir.

They became good friends.

I'd like to play a game of golf.

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I was in a great mood.

She can sing.

What country is it close to?


Won't you get in trouble for this?

He's going to give in to temptation.

Marsha chose well.

Hideki, he really hadn't settled in here at all and sulked all the time.

The emperor passed away in January of 1989. Therefore, the name of the era changed from Showa to Heisei.


What brings you here?

No one asked your opinion.

That's much better, thanks.

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Here's your money. Now we're quits.

Marie is a naive student.

His manly figure was adorned and enriched by a beautiful pair of donkey's ears.

We have to go.

Why is it always my responsibility to pay the bills?

The train was late this morning.

It could've been me.

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Have you been studying for two hours?

I'm in the bathroom because I'm washing my hands.

Are you going to be able to help Blaine?

No one is unbeatable.

She was amazed to hear the news.

Charleen handed Phillip her jacket.

Ralph is facing criminal charges.


I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.

Detective Dan Anderson picked up another trail.

We drink too little water.


The flag of his fatherland brought tears to his eyes.

I had a slight accident while trekking in Nepal.

This sort of work calls for great patience.


If only if I had thought of that!

I can't go out either today or tomorrow. It's just that I'm really swamped with work. I have priorities to attend to first.

I told myself to stay positive.

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I got even with Lar.


I don't think that it would have worked between me and her.

How do you want to handle it?

Let's just sit here for a while and listen.

He is detoxified.

Shutoku looked down at the carpet.

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She was lonely.

Have you thought about when you want to arrive?

We haven't heard from her since then.

The room is empty apart from the speck of dust floating in the air.

If you'd like, I can correct your exercises.

Adlai may be hard to reach for the next few hours.

Won't you please write with a ballpoint pen?

Steven ate a piece of toast and drank a cup of coffee.

I expected Cindie to be at my party.

I was pretty happy.

You always pick her side.

You can have your secret as long as I have your heart.

I'll tell Stacey to call you as soon as he gets in.

We didn't come.

The company is a producer and distributor of television programming.

I'm a natural blonde.

She smiled at me while she sang a song.

You still haven't told me what to do.

I talked to Donal's old girlfriend.

Sedat was a good husband and a wonderful father.

It doesn't matter anyway.

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Beef stew should be nice and thick.


Why didn't you make him stop?


We saw a jet plane fly across the sky.


Vicki didn't follow Roy's advice.

I was shocked to see how thin Sean had gotten.

He has managerial talent.

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Yeah, right, he'll mend his ways. When Hell freezes over.

Want to hear a joke?

I do not have any money to buy a new bicycle.

Leora tried his best not to get paint on his clothes.

That's No's boat.